• The Project
  • - What is the Oven Mountain Pumped Hydro Energy Storage project?

    The Oven Mountain project is an 'off river' pumped hydro energy development located near the Macleay River between Armidale and Kempsey.   Situated within the New England Renewable Energy Zone, the project will provide clean energy generation and storage capabilities, ensuring a reliable, resilient, and renewable future energy supply for NSW.
  • + Where is the project located?

    The Oven Mountain project is located on private land in the Armidale Regional Local Government Area, approximately 60km southeast of Armidale and 70km northwest of Kempsey, via the Kempsey-Armidale Road.   The project is bordered by the Macleay River to the west and Carrai Tablelands to the east. Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, Carrai National Parks and Carrai Conservation Area surround the property, with the New England National Park approximately 1 km to the north-west.   The project site possesses excellent characteristics for pumped hydro energy storage development, namely a significant 'head' height and natural rock formations which are ideally shaped to work as reservoirs.
  • + What are the key features of the project?

    The Oven Mountain project will include the construction of upper and lower reservoirs; an underground hydroelectric power station; spillways; power waterway and access tunnels.   The project will also include the construction of a new electricity transmission line (approximately 12kms in length), which will connect the generation site to the existing Armidale - Kempsey 132 kV line 965.   Additionally, the project will also include upgrades to telecommunication services and existing local and regional roads, allowing for safe construction and operation access.
  • + What is the anticipated operational lifespan of the project?

    The Oven Mountain project will have a full operating life span of over 100 years.   The turbines that will be used are designed to continuously operate with regular routine maintenance checks.
  • + How does Pumped Hydro Energy Storage work?

    Pumped hydro energy storage is a mature technology that has been widely deployed across the world.   The Oven Mountain project can be thought of as a giant water battery. Water will be pumped up-hill when electricity prices are low, and energy is plentiful. Stockpiled water will then be released down-hill to the lower reservoir when both prices and demand are high.   Energy will be generated by passing the stored water through underground hydroelectric turbines. This energy can then be transported into the grid to meet increasing demand and help lower energy prices.   The reservoirs will be able to store water for up to 12 hours of dispatchable reliable energy to be produced.
  • + What is the role of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage?

    Considered the workhorse of renewable energy, Pumped Hydro Energy Storage uses tried and tested technology to provide much needed stability to our electricity network.   Pumped Hydro Energy Storage provides a range of critical network support services including inertia, frequency control, voltage control, system restart services and system strength support to the network. This means a more reliable energy network for all users.   Pumped Hydro Energy Storage also plays an important role in supporting the growth of renewable energy on the grid. This is particularly important considering the continued retirement of traditional coal and gas-powered generation across Australia.   The NSW Government has committed to delivering a 'clean energy future'. This includes a target to build at least 2GW of new long-duration storage (more than 8 hours) by 2030.   The Oven Mountain project - which will provide dispatchable energy for up to 12 hours - will be integral in helping meet future energy needs.
  • + What does 'off river' and 'closed loop' mean?

    The Oven Mountain project is located off the Macleay River and as such will be an 'off river' (or 'closed loop') scheme. This means that once filled, the project will have little additional need for water over its operational life.   Water from the Macleay River will be used for the initial fill - a one-off event during the construction period. This fill will only take place under high river flow conditions and is expected to utilise a small percentage of total river flow.   Small amounts of top-up water may be required periodically to make up for any seepage and evaporation from the reservoirs.
  • Planning and Environmental Process
  • + What is an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)?

    An EIS is a robust and comprehensive document that incorporates a diverse range of analysis and input from independent technical and scientific experts. The EIS demonstrates a holistic and rigorous approach to a broad range of social, economic, and environmental matters.  It includes an assessment of all the potential impacts from a project and approaches to manage and mitigate those potential impacts. It includes assessing:  • Flora and fauna – on land and water
    • Aboriginal and European cultural heritage
    • Water – above and below ground
    • Land use
    • Transport – including traffic and roads
    • Visual amenity
    • Noise and vibration
    • Air quality including dust
    • Hazards like bush fire, flooding and EMF
    • Social and economic
    • Waste
    • Cumulative impacts
  • + What does Critical State Significant Infrastructure mean?

    In October 2020, the Oven Mountain project was declared Critical State Significant Infrastructure (CSSI). This means the NSW Government – under Section 5.13 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 – deemed it as a high-priority infrastructure project, considered essential for economic, environmental, or social reasons.   Importantly, the CSSI declaration does not change the approval pathway that the Oven Mountain project must follow.
  • + When will I be able to have my say about the project?

    The Oven Mountain project team has been talking with the community and other stakeholders about the project since 2017 and incorporating feedback into the project design and environmental investigations.   In addition to the informal opportunities that have been held in the past few years, the community is invited to provide formal feedback about the project during exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).   Exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is an important part of NSW’s environmental and planning approval process. It is central in ensuring that a project delivers the best outcome for the community and region.   The EIS was placed on exhibition for community feedback from 19 September 2023 until 20 October 2023 on the Major Projects Portal.   Development of the EIS was based on the project’s Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs), which were issued by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (now the Department of Planning and Environment) in February 2021 and are available on the Department’s Major Projects Portal.
  • + What happens now exhibition of the EIS has ended?

    Following the exhibition period, the Department of Planning and Environment will provide the project team with all the submissions received as well as publish them online. We will then respond to the submissions through a report to the Department. This report will also be made publicly available.   The department will then assess the project and make a recommendation to approve or refuse the application, along with conditions of consent or reasons for refusal.   The recommendation is referred to the NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, or a delegate, for determination.   Construction of the project cannot commence without receiving formal approval.
  • + Has the project considered historic antimony and arsenic contamination in the region?

    The Oven Mountain project has completed extensive site and field investigations as part of ongoing planning works. This includes geotechnical and hydrogeological work in the lower and upper reservoir areas, as well as nearby rivers and catchments.  Testing for antimony and arsenic was included as part of these investigations, and findings have been included in the EIS.
  • + What is the role of engagement on the project?

    Community engagement is an important part of the planning approval process and is critical to the success of the Oven Mountain project.  We enjoy getting out and about and talking about the project. Over the years, we have met with landowners, community groups (including recreational users), government agencies, Thunggutti Local Aboriginal Land Council, Dunghutti Elders Council, regional councils, education providers, and local businesses.  We believe strongly in the need for genuine and meaningful engagement that is inclusive, responsive, and ongoing. Our aim is to ensure that we prepare and deliver the best outcome for the project and region.
  • The New England Renewable Energy Zone
  • + What is a Renewable Energy Zone?

    A Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) can be considered as a modern-day power station. They combine renewable energy generation such as wind and solar, storage such as pumped hydro energy storage, and high-voltage poles and wires to deliver energy to the homes, businesses and industries that need it.   The NSW Government expects that REZs will deliver multiple benefits to NSW, including more reliable energy from significant amounts of new energy supply; energy bill savings from reduced wholesale electricity costs; emissions reduction from a cleaner energy sector; and community partnership.
  • + What is the New England Renewable Energy Zone?

    The NSW Government is developing five REZ’s across NSW, which will help deliver large amounts of new energy to regions and cities as ageing coal-fired power stations retire.   In December 2021, the NSW Government formally declared a REZ in the New England region. This REZ will deliver new network capacity to host up to 8 gigawatts of new generation.   To find out more information about the New England REZ, please visit the Energy NSW website at www.energy.nsw.gov.au/renewables/renewable- energy-zones.
  • Delivering the Project
  • + Who is delivering the Oven Mountain project?

    Alinta Energy is one of Australia’s largest energy retailers, generators, investors, and developers. In the last decade we’ve grown from being the largest residential gas retailer in Western Australia to the preferred electricity and gas provider for more than 1.1 million homes and businesses Australia-wide.   We have an owned and contracted generation portfolio of 3,000 MW across Australia and New Zealand – including gas, wind, solar, and coal. Our determination to make energy better has put us at the forefront of the transition to renewables. We built Western Australia’s highest producer of renewable energy (the Yandin Wind Farm), the first grid-forming big battery in Australia, and the biggest remote solar installation at the Chichester solar-gas hybrid project. And we’re developing over $10 billion of renewables and storage projects including offshore wind and pumped hydro projects.   We’re proud of our local customer service centres and agents in Perth, Western Australia, and Morwell in Victoria, and employ around 1000 people across the country.
  • + When will construction of the project commence?

    Construction on the Oven Mountain project is anticipated to commence in late 2024 and take about five years to complete.   Construction on the project cannot commence until formal planning approval has been received.
  • + How can local and regional suppliers get involved in the project?

    The Oven Mountain project is a major initiative that will serve as a catalyst for positive social and economic changes in regional NSW.   In February 2023, the Oven Mountain team and ICN (Industry Capability Network) NSW invited local and regional suppliers to the first round of industry briefing sessions in Armidale and Kempsey.   The project has identified more than 80 works packages ranging from transport and logistics, administration, and communications, to major civil, underground construction, and utilities works.   To register your interest in the project, visit the ICN Gateway portal at https://gateway.icn.org.au and search ‘Oven Mountain’.
  • Staying Connected
  • + How can I contact the project team?

    Our team welcomes all feedback we receive, which we use to inform the environmental and design process. You can reach our team in several ways:  
    1. Call us toll-free on 1800 518 194.
    2. Email us at info@ompshydro.com.
    3. Visit our Community Information Hub in Kempsey on Tuesday-Thursday, 10:30am to 3:30pm. We are located at 2/28 Clyde Street, Kempsey – opposite the community car park, and next to the medical practice.
    4. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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How to contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints you can contact our social media team at info@ompshydro.com

If you are making a complaint about a particular post or comment, we ask that you identify the relevant post or comment and explain the reason for you complaint. We may ask you to provide further details to help us with assessing your complaint.

Our social media team aims to respond to all complaints and queries in a timely manner.


Other matters

When using our social media channels, please be aware of the following:

·        Social media platform terms. The social media platforms that we use have their own terms and conditions, content moderation policies and privacy policies. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with these terms and policies, as they will apply in addition to our social media house rules. We are not responsible for any content moderation decisions or other actions taken by the platform provider.

·        Content posted by other users. The views expressed by other users in their posts and comments are the views of those users, and should not be assumed to reflect our views or have our endorsement. We do not guarantee that any information posted by other users is accurate, complete, reliable or up-to-date.

·        Following and sharing. If our social media account responds to your post, comment or account on the platform (e.g. a "like", share, follow, re-tweet etc), this should not be assumed to constitute our endorsement.

·        Third party content and links. Our social media channels may display content from third parties or contain links to websites operated by other organisations and individuals which have been posted by us or other users. This does not constitute our endorsement, approval or recommendation of the third party content or website.

·        Privacy Policy. Your use of our social media channels is also subject to our Privacy Policy, which is available on our website (https://www.ompshydro.com.au).


Changes to these rules

We may revise these rules at any time by publishing the amended version on our website (https://www.ompshydro.com.au).

We encourage you to periodically check back for changes and, if you do not agree with any of the changes, cease using or accessing our social media channels. By continuing to use our social media channels after such changes are published, you agree to comply with the updated rules.

Version Date: November 2023